Aug 05

How do Compressor Savers work?

Ok so maybe you have heard me mention a  or  “Compressor Saver “or a “Hard Star Kit”, and would like a little more info on it? Hope this will help. Your compressor needs help to get started, after your system approaches 5 years of life your compressor uses up to 7 times the start amperage than it did when it was new. This results in your main capacitor to become weak. If your compressor is constantly trying to run on already weakened parts you run the risk of damaging your compressor. By adding a “Compressor Saver” or “Start Kit” you provide the compressor with the power that it needs to run as best as it can run. The end result is a smoother running system with fewer break downs and longer life for your compressor.

* Remember to Wash Your Condenser ! This will also help your compressor do its job,


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